Thank you Terry for helping grace use her voice and increase her confidence.

We will miss poise ballet studio and the expectations and hard work ethic you expect from your students.

Wishing you the very best with your ballet school.

Stacey M.

I hope you have a great summer! Looking forward to the new school year!


John and Alina

Liviya is absolutely LOVING ballet!

She dances and swirls and tries so hard everyday at home and asks me to help her all the time!!!

Mrs. Leign-Anne Kodosh

Anna B.:

Thank you for taking time to talk to Gaby, and I today. That meant a lot - especially for her wanting to continue dance.

I believe in a discipline yet nurturing environment, and we are lucky to have you as partners in her development - more than just as a dancer, but as an individual!

Many thanks, Terry

Anna B.

From June O.:

I thought the performance yesterday was fantastic and all the students, teachers and especially YOU did an awesome job-congratulations!!

You must be so exhausted or elated, or both...

Thank you for your hard work!


From Anne Mc.:

Congratulations on a FABULOUS performance yesterday! It was beautifully choreographed and performed!


From Stephanie W.:

Incredible job this weekend!


From Mandy A.:

Thanks for all your hard work! All groups did an excellent job and Avery was so proud.

Thanks again, Mandy.

Ms. Victoria J.:

Terry - you are such a talented teacher and produce beautiful dancers. It was a pleasure to help such a fantastic business.

Mrs. N. G.:

And thank you Terry for your tireless fabulous teaching of our girls.

Hi Terry,

Having you for her teacher has been really good for A...

She’s gained self esteem (which she was lacking) since taking your class. She now has confidence she never had before.

I know she is learning even more lessons than dance from you and I’m grateful for all your Teaching.

Thank you very much,

Sincerely, CS

Hello Terry,

The girls are really enjoying the class. I mentioned to Peter that I would be interested in exploring Madeleine (and maybe Sophie too) attending twice a week in the new year (i.e. after summer) to open them up to exams and performances. They both seemed really interested when I talked to them about what an exam might be like...

I've been really impressed by your dedication and passion for teaching ballet. It's a joy to watch you teach.

Here's hoping the girls continue their interest!

Thanks again,


Dear Terry,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the show you made for us with the kids!

It was adorable and it was visible how much work you are done with the girls!

Thank you for all your efforts and we are wishing you and Ted a wonderful Holiday season, and a successful, happy new year!

All the best,

Lola and her parents ;) (12/13/14)

Teacher Terry,

... I do want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job with the kids.

I hope Anika will rejoin your classes in the near future. I will definitely keep promoting your dance school.

Wish you and your husband happy holidays and lots of success with your dance school.

Best regards,

Shruti (December 01, 2014 )

I thought you did a great job with all the dancers.

Thanks for being such a great teacher to Grace and Charlie.

Mrs. Gehrman

Thank you so much for all of your work and dedication towards teaching Tessa.

You have started her on such a wonderful path and given her something to be very proud about.

We are so grateful.

We look forward to continuing ballet in the Fall.

Mrs. Weinsheirmer

Hi Terry ,

I was just looking at the photo's Ted gave me of their exam day... and it was so sweet with the flowers..

Thank you so much for getting them the flowers and for taking the pictures. Charlie looks so proud and so does Gracie.

Thank you so much for all your efforts to make them into great dancers. I really appreciate it,,,,and believe me, I know it is not easy to deal with them :)

Thank you

N & Pe

THANK YOU TERRY for your vision, patience and hard work. Setting high expectations for our girls really helps in todays culture I think as it teaches them the value of focus and hard work.

I took a ton of photos and will upload to a link to send to you and everyone! Many turned out so magical of our little ballerinas!


Thank YOU Terry! It was another great show, as always. We took Edie to see The Nutcracker (the Marin Ballet one) this afternoon. She really, really loved it - especially because of course she recognised quite a bit of the music and we read the story together before so she knew what to expect. Polly.

Terry thank you. You're doing a wonderful job with those kids. The performance came off great.



Hello Terry

Your class is fantastic.
And I highly recommend you to everyone...
Thank you for your support and patience and I hope that we can work with you in future since you have so much to offer.
Ballet takes true commitment...


Hello Terry

Isabelle loves your class !

There's a chance you may have another interested girl - who is returning from South America today...

Thank you!


Thank you, Terry, for everything.
We all so admire and are grateful your hard work and dedication to the kids.

Heidi Newell

Thank you notes from parents regarding the 2 RAD Exam girls achieved the highest scores across the international criteria:

Dear Teacher Terry,

HUGE thanks again to you for all your hard work and dedication

Karyn Duggan

Dear Teacher Terry,

Thank you for all your support, encouragement, perseverance and hope - they couldn't have done it without you.

Joy Turrini

Hello Terry!

I just wanted to send a quick note as I have bumped into a few moms from ballet and was so surprised to learn their daugthers haven't started ballet again either.

Just wanted to make sure you know how much we all love your class!

Parents and children alike all have said what a wonderful teacher you are. I still hope to start Ryan and Savy again one of these days.

Mrs. Allison Behr