Class Registration During the School Year

(A minimum of 3 students per class is required to open a class. Up to a maximum of 12 per class is allowed, at the teacher's discretion)

  • Enrollment at Poise Ballet is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • IMPORTANT: Please Register your child by filling the REGISTRATION FORM ONLINE.
  • Students are enrolled from September - June. Students have the option of either paying in full, quarterly, or in monthly installments.
  • Payment by check (payable to Poise Ballet) must be submitted to the studio for students to be officially enrolled.
  • First and last month’s tuition is due at the time of registration. (There are ten (10) tuition payments that make up the annual tuition.)
  • The remaining eight (8) installments are due on the 1st day of each month from October - May. (A $20.00 late fee will automatically be assessed on the student’s account if a tuition payment is not received by the fifth (5th) day of the month.) We do not mail or issue monthly billing statements.
  • A non-refundable Registration Fee of $50.00 is due along with the initial tuition payment for the year. Payment (tuition + registration) must be made before the first class and at the beginning of each month.
  • A non-refundable performance fee of $240 is required of all dancers performing at our shows. This helps defray the cost of costumes/props used and staff time associated with producing our performances.
  • Checks, payable to Poise Ballet, may be given directly to (teacher) Ms. Terry McDonnell or dropped off in the Lobby Office.
  • Poise Ballet currently does not accept credit cards.
  • New students who enroll after the first class of the month will be charged a pro-rated fee.


For RAD students only - Attendance is important, and your child is expected to attend all classes. Please be aware that tardiness and absences is disruptive and can hold back an entire class. We understand, however, that classes are sometimes missed due to illness. Students are welcome and are strongly encouraged to make-up missed classes within the same month. (Please note that due to our billing cycle, make-up classes cannot be carried into the next month.) RAD students are welcome to take a class in a lower level for classes missed if a class in their level is not offered on a desired day and time. Should your child become ill and cannot attend class, please contact the teacher directly at (415) 652-7990.

Dropping Off & Picking Up

Parents are welcome to drop off their child or stay watch. Please be on time when dropping off & picking up your child. If a parent is going to be late, we ask that you call Ms. Terry office immediately at (415) 652-7990.


School year
In an effort for our teachers and staff to continue providing excellent training, please be informed that there are no refunds after the 1st of each month. If you wish to withdraw from the program, we require one (1) month’s notice and will take effect from the last day of the month. Otherwise, the last month’s tuition will be forfeited in lieu of the notice. Poise Ballet reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment; an alternate class or a refund may be offered under such circumstances.

Dress Code

RAD students only:
All students are required to wear their class uniform according to their class level. No watches and jewelry are allowed in class. Class uniform may be ordered through Poise Ballet.

Pre-School Dance Curriculum Level 1
(3 - 4.5 yrs old)

Light blue short-sleeved leotard / skirt.
Pink socks and pink ballet shoes.

Pre-School Dance Curriculum Level 2
(4.5+ yrs old & Beginner)

Pink short-sleeved leotard/Georgette wrap over skirt. Pink tight and pink ballet shoes

Pre-Primary in Dance
(5+ yrs old)

Pink short-sleeved leotard / Georgette wrap over skirt.
Pink tight and pink ballet shoes.

Primary in Dance
(6+ yrs old)

Lilac short-sleeved leotard/Georgette wrap over skirt.
Pink tight and pink ballet shoes.

Grade 2
(8+ yrs old)

Mulberry sleeveless scooped neck leotard with matching elastic belt.
Pink tight and pink ballet shoes.

Character skirts in black cotton material with braiding and circular in style.
Character shoes in black canvas and low heel. Pink elastic should be worn across the arch of the foot.

Grade 3
(9+ yrs old)

Marin blue sleeveless scooped neck leotard with matching elastic belt.
Pink tight and pink ballet shoes.

Character skirts in black cotton material with braiding and circular in style.
Character shoes in black canvas and low heel. Pink elastic should be worn across the arch of the foot.

Intermediate Foundation
(12+ yrs old)

Royal blue camisole leotard and matching belt, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Pink Pointe shoes.

Lyrical Jazz

Class leotard or form-fitting top and pants, convertible or class tights, Jazz shoes must be nude/tan in color with matching color sole
(NO Black color Dance shoes allowed inside the studio only).
(What is Lyrical Jazz?)

Modern / Contemporary

Jazz-type pants or tight leggings. Tight fitting tops. Ballet shoes or barefoot.
(NO Black Color Dance shoes to be worn inside the studio only)
(What is Contemporary?)

Studio Policy

Please be aware that unless we open up our studio during Open House, Parents & guardians are not allowed in the studio. We thank you in advance for respecting our space in which we are able to freely learn, teach, and express our art form. NO STREET SHOES ALLOWED.

Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Exam and other Performances

Poise Ballet is the only studio in Marin County and the San Francisco area to offer this prestigious curriculum. During the year, RAD students have the opportunity to study this world renowned Ballet syllabus and take the annual exam (sometime in March).

Only Registered Teachers can enter students for the RAD’s International Exam. The Examination offers opportunities for learning and advancement.

Students are evaluated objectively by RAD international examiners. As students move up in grade levels, the amount of class time increase, and the syllabus becomes more challenging.

According to the Royal Academy of Dance, classes require "increased demands of concentration, discipline, stamina, acquisition of technical, musical and performance skills in Ballet and related dance disciplines. It is for this reason that two classes per week are required to help students become more disciplined and build a stronger stamina. It is the frequency of practicing that is the key.”

Students love to have a goal in life, achieve that goal, and in this case they have the opportunity to challenge themselves and are awarded with a Certificate and recognition by the world’s largest Teacher Training and Examination organization, whose exam qualifications are university-accredited. For more information about the Royal Academy of Dance, visit

Exam and performances are optional. However, in order to be considered, children MUST:

  • Enroll and attend classes twice a week, as well as attend all rehearsals.
  • Depending on their ability and attendance, Poise Ballet reserves the right to decide whether a student can take part in the RAD Exam, a Class Award, or participate in a performance.
  • Exams normally take place in March. Performances typically takes place at the end of May and the 2nd week of December. Once committed, students are required to attend all classes and rehearsals; mock Exams and rehearsals will take place at the Exam Centre. Any planned absences must be scheduled after the performances and Exam.
  • Rehearsal days may be scheduled in addition to the students’ classes. Poise Ballet reserves the right to amend the schedule temporarily in order to prepare each participating student.
  • The RAD Exam Fee is non-refundable, is separate from Poise Ballet tuition fees, and varies according to the student’s level.

* For the last 4 years, Ms. Terry McDonnell has been personally absorbing the costs of Poise Ballet participating in these annual exams. This includes the rental fee for the exam center, the pianist fees for the mock exams, private coaching for the Exam students, as well as the rehearsals and actual RAD exam. Beginning Spring 2014, please note that this fee will be divided among all of Poise Ballet’s students participating in the annual exam.

Photo & Medical Release

  • I authorize Poise Ballet to photograph, tape, and record my child during classes, rehearsals and performances.
  • I authorize Poise Ballet to allow my image / my child’s image to appear in promotional materials without identification.
  • I understand that dancing is a strenuous exercise and that there is risk of injury. I hereby release Poise Ballet and all of its principals, agents, contractors, and employees of and from any actions, claims, and damages of any kind, on account of injuries of any type or nature incurred in connection with my child’s or my own participation in this program. In case of emergency, my child may be treated by a qualified physician. I understand that Poise Ballet does not assume responsibility for any injury or damage which might arise out of or in connection with such authorized emergency medical treatment.
  • I have read and accepted and am fully aware of each policy outlined above: Click here to download the Policies & Procedures Form