• Dance is fun, it cultivates artistic expression, communication and appreciation of music.
  • Dance improves the quality of life. It is particular beneficial for posture, physical strength and co-ordination.
  • Dance develops excellence of attitudes, resilient, self- discipline, self-esteem, confidence and motivation
  • Dance breaks age and cultural barrier, It creates mutual respect and harmony for mankind.

In short: Dance challenges our body, mind and soul.

Our Mission:

To empower young children/students with dance knowledge and disciplines, cultivate poise, grace and elegance not only serve them well in a career in dance, but also in life.

Our Goals:

  • To provide the best possible professional dance training by highly qualified teachers.
  • To provide an enjoyable atmosphere and venue that is safe and conducive to dance training.
  • To provide a variety of dance classes to enrich dancing experience. (See Class Schedule; Hip Hop, Contempary, Lyrical Jazz, Master Classes and other dances)

Poise Ballet offers a unique Dance experiences compared to other Ballet schools?

Dance Classes     

The only official Royal Academy Dance (RAD) school in San Francisco and Marin area. (New State of Art Dance Studio in Corte Madera - Sept. 2015)

Poise Ballet offers more than just a ballet class; we teach the internationally acclaimed Royal Academy of Dance program. As a RAD professionally trained dancer, a Registered Teacher, I, together with our Assistant Teachers (professionally trained dancers) and our professional pianist accompanist (Steve Mello). We continue to strive to provide a high standard of learning and teaching quality to the children. Together with my Assistants, we are responsible for students knowing the syllabus work by a certain deadline. Most importantly help each student achieve their highest individual potential.

RAD annual international exams are offered by examiners from around the world, visiting our area. They are trained and approved by RAD. Experts in ballet. Examiners undergo continuous standardization, to ensure consistent marking worldwide.

Poise Ballet Past RAD Students

* Our class size is purposely small for individual student attention. In order to showcase the students, we have been performing twice a year for the community.

From time to time we invited guest teachers to give Master Class to students. This provides a variety of dance classes to enrich students dancing experience.

Download Fall 2020 -Spring 2021 Poise Ballet Dance Studio Schedule.

Founded in 1920, RAD is an international organization to advance the standards of teaching in classical ballet. Today RAD is the largest, most influential teacher and examining body for classical ballet in the world.

King George affixed his Great Seal in 1936, to officially became the 'Royal Academy of Dancing' (RAD). The following year in 1937, a coat of arms was designed by the College of Arms in London.

The RAD Syllabus is taught in over 80+ countries in the world, setting high standards of dancing training for over 250,000 students each year. (Click on the Royal Academy of Dance logo to find out more and please visit: or

Exams Day Video

A lovely short video capturing some of the events of a typical exam day.
The video highlights the benefits of taking exams with the RAD, teachers will help candidates and their parents gain a better appreciation of the significance and meaning of exams.